Thresholds South Artists

The discovery of the life's work of Henry Darger, long time tenant of Nathan and Kiyoko Lerner in 1972, served as the inspiration for the development of the Nathan and Kiyoko Lerner Foundation in 1997. The goal of the foundation is to provide an environment in which artists with mental illnesses can explore and develop their creative visions. For 10 years this is exactly what has happened. A wonderful community of artists has developed at Thresholds South. The Lerner Foundation offers an opportunity for the development of technical skills, experimentation with media, and growth as artists. The foundation works with experienced artists as well as people who have little or no artistic background, but an interest in learning and exploring the possibility of creative expression. The Nathan and Kiyoko Lerner Foundation has been partnered with Thresholds South since it’s inception in 1997. Thresholds South is a branch of the Thresholds Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centers. Thresholds mission is to assist and inspire people with severe mental illnesses to reclaim their lives by providing the supports, skills, and the respectful encouragement that they need to achieve hopeful and successful futures.